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about reeve yew

If you are reading this, you are either:

  • a marketer who wants to learn wicked marketing strategies
  • someone who has a full-time job, but wants to start making money online
  • curious about how you can make extra $100,000 instantly using my exact methods

Well, well. Stop.

If you’re the last person on that list, let me set you straight. There is no magical solution to making $100,000 instantly, even if you follow my exact methods because every SUCCESSFUL business requires time and hard work as part of the formula.

If business were maths, here is the formula.

Success = Strategy x Time + Hard Work

I made this blog to guide you with the Strategy.

I can show you the same strategies used by myself and the other successful Internet Marketers around the world; Neil Patel, Peng Joon, Anik Singal and so on.

I will even show you how other Internet Marketers scale their businesses in a short amount of time.

Which is why I created WickedMarketers.com in the first place; to share with you all my tested and tried marketing strategies and save you from wasted time and disappointment.

Not because I’m nice.

I’m just a firm believer of efficiency.

And everyone benefits from efficiency.

So yeah, but ultimately, whether you make it at the end, it’s all up to how much time and effort you put into your own business.

You need to work for it.

For those of you who heard that #SEOisdead #FBAdTooExpensive

Many are preaching that SEO is so 2010, while Facebook ads cost an arm and a leg. They’re saying Internet Marketing doesn’t work, is a fad, yada yada…

They are half right, I guess. SEO and Facebook Ad don’t work for people who are lazy and give up too soon, and certainly isn’t going to work for anyone who simply wants IMMEDIATE results.

All these people wanting fast money, acting as though they’re gonna die tomorrow.

Sheesh, calm down. Research shows that the average lifespan of a human is 70 years.

What is a 6-months effort compared to that lifespan?

(6 months is the average time Internet Marketers start seeing re$ult$)

So… what about the saying that “SEO is so 2010”?

Lol. Why are you still on the Internet then?

As of September 2010, the Internet has 1,971 million users, about 29% of the world.

As of December 2018, the Internet has 4,157 million users, about 54% of the world.

As long as the Internet has a shit ton of people, Internet marketing will work.

Marketing is a game of numbers.

So stop looking at pyramid schemes, and get your ass to do some real work.

Here’s why you can trust the things I say.

My name is Steve Anderson. You can look me up on LinkedIn, stalk my background and shit, and I guarantee you I’m a legit marketer earning an honest living with my skills in tech and various marketing stuff. Here’s a list of all the things I’ve tested and tried, in chronological order:

  • I first kickstart my entrepreneurial journey with e-commerce on Groupon.
  • Then I wanted to have my own e-commerce marketplace, so I loaned $10k from my mom and outsourced the web development to a firm. It was hell, I regretted immediately because the website was pure turd and I don’t know where the hell to get traffic.
  • Then I learned where and how I could get unlimited traffic with Internet Marketing, more SEO than other things.
  • I went on to study in King’s College London and learned to code so I could start making my own websites and apps.
  • I started a tech agency with a team of 15 people to work on projects with clients from Australia, UK, and the USA.
  • It was a fun journey, but it was hard to scale. To build more websites and apps, you need to hire more and more people. I came to a point where I was paying $50,000 in salary every month to keep the business afloat, and was losing sleep.
  • And 3 years ago, I decided I should go back for my true passion again – Internet Marketing. Making slightly less than $50k a month, but I got to enjoy what’s called LIFE.

I realized that once you’ve mastered marketing online, you too could get all the traffic you wanted, and the pool is endlessly deep. There’s no better way to build wealth than from digging from unlimited resources a.k.a SEO or Social Media traffic.

You just have to be everywhere your audience is.

Google. Facebook. LinkedIn. Reddit.


Don’t for a moment think that I am trying to make money from you.

This blog is just my teeny-tiny project to help beginners like you to get started in Internet Marketing.

I don’t need or want your money. Period.

But if you DO have money, I would rather you invest it on marketing your website or niche blog.

All you need right now is to work that gear.

Do you remember what I told you?

That making $100,000 INSTANTLY is impossible?

Now, take out INSTANTLY and it becomes possible.

Making $100,000 after several months of hard work IS POSSIBLE.

In fact, many beginner Internet Marketers hit their $1,000 target in their third month, $5,000 target in their sixth month.

That’s $5,000 in passive income, and it will only continue to increase every month.

Think of this as a snowball.

First, you need to actually put in the effort to build a snowball right?

You will want your snowball to be big and firm so that when it rolls down the slope, it will start building upon itself to become larger on its own.

So yes, I’m gonna teach you how to build that snowball.

So that when you make it roll, it becomes nothing but an awesome, virtuous circle.

What are your first steps from here?

  1. Pick a niche.
  2. Start writing.
  3. Get traffic.
  4. Money comes.

It’s THAT straightforward. And with my blog as your guide, you don’t even have to worry about the nitty-gritty of the know-hows because I’m going to teach you everything I know from experience, for FREE.

If what you are thinking is somewhere along the lines of “Awesome. I’m pumped! How do I start?”

I have crafted a FREE SEO Affiliate Blogging Guide exactly for this purpose. They are broken down into 9 Modules.

Module 1: What is Affiliate Marketing
How Do You Make Money From Affiliate Marketing
Who Else Is Doing Affiliate Marketing
What's the Potential Monthly Earnings
Should You Do This Business Full Time

Module 2: What You Need To Start An Affiliate Blogging Business
How Much $$ You Need To Kickstart
How Long Does It Take To Make $$
What If You Have No Time

Module 3: How to Pick A Profitable Niche
Should You Go With Passion Or Profit
How to Find a Sub-Niche That Works For You
Your New Identity
List of Recommended Niches

Module 4: Joining Affiliate Programs
Recommended Affiliate Programs
Private Affiliate Programs
How to Get Approved
List of Affiliate Programs

Module 5: Blog Content To Promote Affiliate Products
Type of Content You Should Be Posting
When to Add Affiliate Links
Rules of Thumb When Promoting Affiliate Products
Blueprint: Content Schedule

Module 6: How To Do A Quick Keyword Research (My exact step-by-step)
What is Keyword Research & How Is It Important
Long Tail Keyword and Latent Semantic Index (LSI)
Blueprint: The Keyword Pyramid
Recommended Free Tools For Your Keyword Research
Step-by-Step Keyword Targeting For Beginners

Module 7: Setup Your SEO Blog The Right Way
Choosing The Perfect Domain
Setting Up Hosting
Select a Wordpress Theme
Understanding Silo Structure
Essential Plugins

Module 8: Tiered SEO Backlinks To Ensure Rankings
Step-by-Step Web 2.0 Posting
List of Web 2.0
Getting Quality Tier 1 Backlinks With Guest Posting
Blueprint: Tiered Link Pyramid - Coming Soon

Module 9: Other Channels To Promote Your Blog (Coming Soon)
Quora Marketing
Instagram Marketing
Pinterest Marketing
Broken .edu Links
LinkedIn Marketing
Facebook Page
Facebook Group
Youtube Marketing

The FREE course is everything you need to know about Affiliate Blogging Business with wicked, up-to-date methods that are proven to work. So if you found my blog, congratulations to you because you’ve found the missing gear that will set your whole dream factory into motion.

Put in the effort and you will see results. As simple as that.

Get ready to get wicked.

We have a friendly community to help you