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Module 5: How To Never Run Out Of Blog Content When Writing For Affiliate Products 

It doesn’t matter what your niche is, the formula for multiplying content for a single affiliate product is consistent. Throughout this whole article, I’ll be using an e-book as an example of an affiliate product you will be promoting on your blog. To make this article entertaining for you to read, we’ll call this e-book … Interestingly, you don’t run a…

Affiliate Marketing

Module 4: Joining Affiliate Programs (Money) 

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is and what niche market you would like to target, it’s time to look into what affiliate programs you might like to sign up for. As a beginner, there are three affiliate programs you could go for: Clickbank, Amazon & MaxBounty. I would suggest you go with Clickbank or Amazon for starters, because their…

Affiliate Marketing

Module 3: How To Pick A Profitable Niche 

So you’re pumped up to write and ready to start learning how to write your SEO blog. You’re already imagining the blog theme you’re gonna use, the title in bold, that video series you’re gonna have and the dolla dollas rolling in. Fantastic. Or maybe you’re not. Maybe, like a lot of people out there, you’re now stuck on the idea…

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Does SEO Still Work – To Write For Humans or Robots

If you’re into digital marketing, you will have surely heard people saying that SEO doesn’t work anymore. They are saying that not only SEO is difficult, it isn’t worth the effort considering that most beginners rarely see results in the first six months. So everyone flocks towards the seemingly more fast-paced social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram. Heck, even the…